Weight Loss & Nutrition Services

Nutrition Solutions understands that nutrition intervention requires a holistic and individualized approach. We combine the use of evidence based nutrition practices, along with our nutrition products and resources to produce results. We believe the best results come from providing a personalized experience and that's why we offer a variety of plans and services to choose from. All of our plans include grocery shopping tours, cooking classes, individual appointments, group weight loss classes and access to nutrition products and meals.

OPTIFAST® Medically Supervised Plan

Our most effective weight loss treatment option is the Optifast® medical weight loss plan which uses the proven effectiveness of very low-calorie meal planning using meal replacement nutrition products only. Clients may choose this plan if they desire to lose a significant amount of weight in a way that is safe and produces long-term results. This program option provides the highest level of accountability, education, support, tools and a gradual transition back to eating whole foods. All clients will receive medical monitoring and support, education from the weekly weight loss classes and one-on-one nutrition coaching from the registered dietitian. Comes with Lifetime membership and metabolic testing to ensure long-term weight loss success.

OPTIFAST Partial Meal Replacement Plan

This program is a great option for individuals that do not require a significant weight loss, or whose lifestyle would not support a Full Meal Replacement program. This plan combines the use of Optifast® Meal Replacements and 1-2 balanced food meals per day. Your dietitian will provide specific guidance on your food meals, however we recommend using our Nutrition Solutions Chef Prepared meals to ensure best results. You will receive the same educational support and nutrition coaching as the Full Meal Replacement program.

Food Based Weight Loss Plan

This food based only plan (no Optifast® meal replacements) is designed for those who desire complete flexibility with their meal planning. You will meet with the dietitian and she will guide you on a meal plan based on your calorie needs for weight loss. For your convenience, we encourage you to take advantage of our chef-prepared meals for precise calorie control. You will receive the same education support and nutrition coaching as our other weight loss programs.

What Program Is Best For You?

The best results come from providing a personalized experience.

Other Nutrition Services & Education

Nutrition Coaching

Want a more personalized approach to getting results? Work one-on-one with one of our dietitians. Based on a review of your body composition and metabolic test results, your dietitian will do a complete nutrition and health assessment and work with you on meal planning strategies. Your dietitian will provide a meal plan and together you will develop a plan that ensures you reach your health and weight loss goals.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to your nutrition! That's why we offerInline image 1 testing which analyzes your DNA using a simple saliva test. Based on your unique genetic profile, the dietitian can provide a completely personalized set of recommendations. Learn how your genes can affect your:

  • weight management
  • food intolerances
  • physical activity
  • injury risk
  • eating habits
  • nutrient metabolism
  • cardiometabolic health

Grocery Shopping Tours

Healthy eating for a healthy weight starts with a plan. Have our dietitian meet you at the grocery store to teach you how to be a savvy, smart shopper. You will learn how to save time and money, while also ensuring you are purchasing quality foods for you and the family.

In Home Pantry Makeovers and Healthy Eating Consultations

Have our dietitian meet you in your home. They will complete an assessment of your family’s kitchen and eating habits. They will then teach you how to stock your kitchen with satisfying foods and snacks for you and your family.

Cooking Classes

Our chef conducts cooking demonstrations for small groups to show our clients how to incorporate proper nutrition into culinary art.

Better Bites Café

Nutrition Solutions is pleased to be partnered with the Greenville YMCA and offer the Nutrition Solutions Better Bites Café at the GHS YMCA facility in Simpsonville, SC. Our café offers a complete menu of items including wraps, sandwiches, soups, salads, smoothies and snacks. We also offer chef prepared meals that are prepackaged and calorie controlled. Our meals are made fresh (never frozen) and vacuum packed immediately to maintain freshness and nutritional quality. We also offer catering for your business or personal needs. We are in the business of promoting great health through nutrition so let us serve you.

Prepared Meals

Designed by our registered dietitian and perfected by our chef. Nutrition Solutions prepared meals are convenient, affordable and nutrient dense.

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