Class Schedule

Class Schedule: Weekly classes are held at the Nutrition Solutions
conference rooms weekly on Mondays at 10am, 4pm, and 6pm.
Items labeled “GST” below denote Grocery Shopping Tours.

Jan 2 Weight Loss Motivation-Proven Strategies

Jan 9 *Chef Demo Exercise is medicine

Jan 16 Weight Loss-Recipe for Success

Jan 18 GST: Power with Plant Proteins

Jan 23 Plant-based Diets for Beginners

Jan 30 Creating a Wellness Vision/Goal-Setting

Feb 6 Stress Management for Weight Loss

Feb 13 *Chef Demo Meal Planning for Wt Loss

Feb 15 GST: Carb Confusion!

Feb 20 Success Client Testimonials

Feb 27 Mindful Eating

Mar 6 Food Labels & Ingredient Lists

Mar 13 * Chef Demo Why Journal? Science of Food Journaling

Mar 15 GST: Meat & Seafood

Mar 20 Meal Planning for Families

Mar 27 Hidden Food Cues

Apr 3 Define: Food–Food vs Food-like Substances

Apr 10 *Chef Demo Eating more, Lose More (Nutrient Density)

Apr 17 Weight Loss Myths

Apr 19 GST: Dairy and Dairy Alternatives

Apr 24 Stress & The Body–Strategies for Wt Loss

May 1 Eating Out/Special Occasion

May 8 *Chef Demo Nutritional Superfoods

May 15 Understanding Food Labels/Ingredients

May 17 GST: Fruits & Vegetables

May 22 Getting Active

May 31  Success-Client Testimonials

Jun 5 Addictive Foods

Jun 12 *Chef Demo Nutrition Science 101

Jun 19 Planning Meals

Jun 21 GST: Smart Snacking for Weight Loss

Jun 26 Eat more, Lose More (Nutrient Density)

Jul 3 Setting Goals/Exercise

Jul 10 *Chef Demo On-Going Weight Management

Jul 17 Planning Meals

Jul 19 GST: Quick Convenient Meal Planning

Jul 24 Exercise for Weight Loss

Jul 31 Take Charge/Motivation

Aug 7 *Chef Demo Body Image & Self Esteem

Aug 14 Power Up with Plant-based Nutrition

Aug 16 GST: Carb Confusion!

Aug 28 The Power of Journaling for Weight Loss

Sep 6 Stay Active

Sep 11 *Chef Demo Building Your Support Team

Sep 18 Food Labels & Ingredient Lists

Sep 20 GST: Power with Plant Proteins

Sep 25 Success-Client Tesitmonials

Oct 2 Hidden Food Cues

Oct 9 *Chef Demo Meal Planning Made Simple

Oct 16 Weight Loss Myths

Oct 18 GST: The Low–Down on Fats

Oct 23 Eat more, Lose More (Nutrient Density)

Oct 30 Eating Out/Special Occasion

Nov 6 Addictive Foods

Nov 13 *Chef Demo Exercise for Weight Loss

Nov 15 GST: Holiday Menu

Nov 20 Shopping Smart

Nov 27 Lifestyle Change

Dec 4 Mindful Eating

Dec 11 *Chef Demo Nutrition Basics–Testing your Knowledge

Dec 18 Eating Style

Dec 20 GST: Culinary Oils

Dec 27 Weight Loss-Recipe for Success

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